Baby has a new ride

           I said i will leave it clean, no. of words: 0, but i just couldn`t. At first because i was thinking that this is not the first fashion and life post that i wanted (he will have his time as well), or because the other posts are not (yet) also translated in english or many reasons that run free in my mind with the woman like full speed complex thinking. Is the normal drill for when u get ready for a date : u prepare days before a dress, outfit in your head, u buy two , just to have a back up. And that day  comes and u put the first one on, than the second one and than 5 to 10 more, get out of time, so u get back to the first and run and u get there sweating and with the hair in all the directions, and that eye line that took u so much to make, is now going down, because of the sweat and wind combination:)) But than something happened i stoped. I felt the perfume of my sun cream (although i am on my couch) on my hands, i closed my eyes and instantly i could hear the quiet in the big blue, i could feel the hot and infinite sand in the palm of my hands and i could finally see the big sea. And i realized that i will never have the stillness and perfect shape of a lake, because my thought are like the waves, no matter how high or powerful, never still and always messy.

So take the nike motto and just do it , even if it`s not what u did imagined, or if it`s far from perfect, because is better to make a mistake than to think to much about it,so much that u end up not doing it at all (like most of my ideas). And my dad uses a verb very often and it`s ENJOY. Do not forget to enjoy the beautiful day and sun (especially the sun that we all waited so long) and enjoy as many moments as u can, because u are not getting them back.

And finally about the pictures:) My bike is ready and it`s an old bike, with a lot of new stuff on it , put together by my somebody. So at the end of the day is exactly like a real person: we can see the old basis ( our parents and the education they gave us  ) and my own spin on it (the ideas and principles that we make for our self). I think he managed to make me a beautiful mirror:)

have a nice day:)


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