Colors of Happiness


                So here it is:) This is the post that i wanted to be the first one and because now in Vienna there is no summer, i thought it´s the perfect timing, because we always seem to want what we don´t or can´t have. So let´s get to it:) I said at first this is going to be a post just about fashion and outfits, but as u will see, i change my mind a lot:)) And snooping through the pictures i remembered how beautiful it was, and most important, that it was a feeling that i hope it will get to all of u. This was our trip last summer in Spain and it was our first time ever in Spain and this is because we love Italy so much, that we didn´t need to know `somebody else :)) It was much more than we expected and the people , the music, the dance, the beaches made us Spain addicts too:)) So the next post will be about this trip and of course about the outfits as well.






                We visited the south of Spain, Andaluzia and like always we rented a car and made a tour so we would see as much as possible and in the and we saw Ronda (all the above photos are made in Ronda), Gibraltar, Tarifa ,Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Nerja and Malaga. The next photos are from our hotel near Ronda, Molino del Arco, which was beautiful and where i felt so much as home, that some guest thought that i was the owner:))) 





                Have a lovely day and until the next time (hopefully not in another  two years:)) )

P.S. The photos are made by us, they are unedited, so please do not copy them.10x

All materials appearing on the may not be reproduced, copied, stored or sold in any way without prior written permission of the publisher.


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