Very, very hot Seville nights


The first and the most important word that describes Seville is HOT. Very very very hot :)) And although it was already September, you would think it would be reasonable, but is not:)) The main fashion lesson after Spain was that i will not buy any more clothes in which i can`t breath.This means that i want to say good bye to all those beautifully polyester clothes. Yes it`s work in progress and i already caved a little bit this summer. The thing is that i absolutely love to buy stuff from second hand shops, because u can find hidden treasures and u can choose better materials for a few euros . I have to admit that i have a  fashion dealer and i am kind of addicted to her. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is a her and she is my great, wonderful, extraordinary aunt:) Most of the great things that i have, are from her. I even have earrings and belts(not second hand), which she bought 25 years ago and still look amazing and they are my best pieces.  So this trip i mostly wore things from her and from my mothers wardrobe, otherwise i would’ve melted away. This being said this dress is a second hand dress, i think is actually a night gown, but the material is cotton, a very good cotton and i love it, so here it is:)

Like always, i like to twist every outfit a little bit (many times a little bit to much:)) ) and i love pink accents and my best friends are these converse, one of the many pairs i own:))

The pictures are taken in the Alcázar Gardens, which are really beautiful so..enjoy:D





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