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I don´t know how other people are, but I buy stuff that I believe in and I see the spark in it. Then it takes me a long time until I get to wear it, mostly because I don´t always have the courage to wear something so different and other times because i don´t find the fit for it. How I said before, I like to buy vintage stuff (honestly and not glamourosly called second hand). This skirt ( vintage) is a gift from my awesome aunt (i’ve had it for at least a year or two) and it didn´t get the chance to see day light until this saturday. I tried it a little bit at home and fell in love with it, with the material,the texture, the feeling. Still, I haven´t gone out of the house with it.

Because I have a lot of great stuff that I don´t wear, i made up a rule: to wear everything that is hanging in my closet at least once. Every time when I get to the fancy clothes, which spark , it is really difficult to pick one because i have a lot of them, and not so many glamouros events to go to. But like this, I get to laugh with friends about this rule when I appear on a normal sunday morning, to drink a coffee and I am wearing a sparkled top. The thing is, it works and this year i started to wear these clothes for the first time and the conclusion was: You (I mean me) are stupid ) Because they are great (my opinion ), I was right to buy them and that in the end nobody else cares about it.

Coming to the pictures … I love this country and I think it´s absolutely beautiful . We saw Hallstatt, where (of course) I bought some beautiful hand made earrings. The second day we went to Attersee, did some hiking, spent some time at a beach. You can see a gorgeous white hat in the pictures. It´s not mine, it´s his. We bought it from Spain, it´s a panama hat and every time i get the chance i steal it :))) My hat is the the other one , the yellowish one, not so fabulous as his. The top is also a vintage one, from my aunt.

In the end I want to say that I tried a Diana Vreeland moment (the hat and the flower) . You can definetly see i don´t like to iron, but i could also say it´s because i sat on the skirt in the car :)). Have a lovely week and don´t forget to dream with your eyes open…


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