Strike a Stripe



       I wear stripes not only with plaid, i wear stripes with everything, everytime. I am absolutely in love with them , so I try not to transform my whole closet into a striped wallpaper. In this post you will see some things that i am passionate about: the skirt, the t-shirt, the earrings, the place and so on.


         This skirt is one of my latest additions to my wardrobe. I went to the shop (H&M) to buy a present for somebody, but like always I left with something for me as well. Not only have i seen it from across the shop,but i also found it on sale, so it was a no-brainer. 2 days after that I said to my self that I am not going to buy any more stuff, because i have so much o fit (yeah right : )) ). I am not even sorry for what i did.: )) I like it because it´s sexy at the front, i can get a double skirt under it, it can be worn at the office (this is actually my office outfit on a tuesday, a casual one), it has a high waist, the material has a really good texture and of course it has the stripes.

        Lately i found myself fond of investing in designer jewellery and clothes. The T-shirt is hand printed by a very talented romanian artist named Omega CBU. I am a huge fan of this label, you will see me wearing many things signed by him. If you want to see more of his stuff please go to: or

       This is not a gratuituos advertising of the label, i don’t do such things. I am very straightforward, you will always see what works for me, what i like. This is really great stuff that i think it is worth mentioning and deserves a lot of recognition. 🙂

A well deserved close up for my great 25 years old belt bought by my aunt in Serbia. This is what i call a high quality fashion accessory 😀

           Every day i am falling more and more inlove with this city. This is one of my favourite places : The MAK Museum. I don´t know why, but it makes me want to visit it as often as i can. Most of the time it is not about the exhibitions, it´s about the space itself. It has the za za zu of a good place.

        My photos are made in the splurge of the moment, i get dressed for my own fun and if we are in a place that says something to me, than we improvise a small phone photo session. I could say that I don´t have the time for a real professional photoshoot but it would not be true. I think that you can allways make time for something, if you really want it. So the truth is that I have other priorities, or we can say for now other stuff is more important to me Of course some people would say` I don´t have the time, because i have a life`, but these are people which should be avoided. They are mean through the window of their own frustration and they love to rain on other people‘s parades . Usually you will find the mean stuff hidden under a compliment : )) Everybody‘s time is important, it is their decision how to spend it and if you don´t understand it, or do not agree with it, this doesn´t give you the right to `politely` shit over it.



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