Gold & Silk Weekend

Sun, quiet, relaxation and romatic walks.  This is the summary of my weekend. The city was almost empty, so it was like being on a short holiday. Nothing like hot summer days, nor too cold as well, just perfect for a stroll in the city and to its museums or markets.  I like going to the market because of ist dynamic, the colours, flavours . Usually it’s too crowded, but this time it was a very pleasant experience.  I was in the mood for something comfortable, sexy, with a twist..

I wore the same red sneakers,  accesories and shirt for 2 consecutive days, the only diferences are the dresses and the purses.  This one is from Sunday, a Zara dress, light, with good fabric on top, a gorgeous cut in front and the back, so you feel a little bit like Cleopatra when you put it on. BUT a bad, very bad material underneath  and a bad design if you intend to take longer walks wearing it. There are a few options:

1.The easiest one: Don´t move, behave likemost of the girls do nowadays and just ..pose

2.Do have the courage and walk, but take youre time now..Geisha

3.Lift it up on the waist- it ruins the design but you can move comfortably (this is what I did), or

4. Cut the dress on one leg and change the awfull material underneath  (this is what I will do).

If step 4 will be done in a profesional  way, it will become a really good dress. I mean it. It will be perfect for  hot sommer days , it can range from “a little sexy” to “I cannot take my eyes of it”, although i think less is more and  it´s good to leave something for the imagination as well.

Sometimes  when I like to feel sexy in the summer, I wear gold jewellery. Since the skin is lightly sunkissed, the gold accessories provide any outfit that „za za zu“ sexy look. In my opinion you can wear a robe and still be sexy if you can see the gold reflections on a tanned arm, the legs or the neck.  Gold earrings and a gold (it used to be gold, but it now has a slight patina) bracelet, both with a gipsy-like look and also both bought from Mango a few years ago. The shirt is vintage, silk, in which my skin feels like a goddess. Every time I wear natural fabrics, I remember what I told you a few articles before : Don´t buy any more crap, just buy this lovely, surreal, heavenly light stuff . Yes, you can go a little bit crazy after a taste of real silk. The price is resonable if it´s from a vintage shop.

SATURDAY : Market day

Marc Cain black dress. One word: AMAZING. It´s one of my favourite dresses, it´s wearable in many, many ways and always a pleasure. It follows the body line, but in a good way, the material feels nice on the skin, even if outside are 100 degrees.  It´s elastic , so the walking is no problem, even the running is possible. And the thing is that if it´s streches , from  wearing it too much, after each wash, it returns to ist original form.

I bought this purse at sale from Zara, 2 weeks ago and wrapped it around my waist. The quality is not that good, but i needed a replacement for the white one and. I also like a lot the deep blue colour, moreover it fits my white scooter.

So have a good week and  feel  gorgeous:)


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