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I love High Heels and i love Converse. But the last part , everybody knows, it´s already and obbsession. I think you can wear them with a dress, a suit , a casual outfit or one with glittery one, so basically anything, anytime. You can even take them at your own weeding (seen it and loved it). They are light, comfortable, you can run, you can be sexy, it´s like walking on a cloud:)) . I think it´s almost the same with high heels: you can be more than casual or tip-top fancy, but i don´t wear them as often because i like to walk and i use othe public transportation every day and we all know they aren´t a dream in this case.

So , when it´s more than 10 degrees (or even less) i take my babies out for a stroll. And because i enjoy to sit like this (see picture above) at the office, i also wear pants (a lot). but there is something else that i do : buttoned shirts, buttoned all the way. I don´t like to worry about my ` décolleté `(cleavage), plus I always want to be apreciated for my assets in my head  instead on the ones on me. This way of thinking applies even if u are a men. If, for example, we would be in Mexico (i imagine this could happen only there)  and a man would have his shirt buttoned so low tht i could see his chest i would :

A. tell him that if i want to see so much when i work, it would be working in  different kind of office:))

B. or i would be very very interested to see more:)) so i wouldn´t concentrate on work

One of my soft spots is Jewelry. I think good accessories and good shoes change everything. And a good perfume.

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Rings and Earrings : Angela Ciobanu, Bracelet : no name. Perfume: Chanel Noir

Good night:)



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