Overall and over love




         I looooove Overalls. I do . I love how they give ensemble to a picture, i love the fact that you can look really stylish in 30 seconds, that the back is not out (granny problems), that they can be sexy, casual, interesting, office style and glamorous at the same time. I think that Overalls are like The Little Black Dress. There are slim chances to screw up by wearing one: you have the bottom and the top already sorted out and you are only left to take care of the shoes (I do think about this a lot, as well), your hair and make up. Let´s be honest, the most time consuming part in choosing an outfit is this one : matching perfectly the bottom with the upper part. Therefore I always change for an hour or so, until I run out of time and in the end I go with the combination from the beginning. So it´s efficient, comfortable and it makes me look good no matter what.
           But like in every Love Story there is the good and there is the bad. I already talked about
the first part so i will start with the worst:))

1.The basic need of going to the toilet

  • when you take the upper part down and you have to find a way of keeping it
    between your knees so it wont touch the floor ;
  • i raise you some 12 cm high heels + complicated hair and i can asure you, that if
    you do this 3 times an evening, you can skip the morning workout.:))
  • i thought that a long sleeve overall is more complicated than a no sleeve overall,
    but it´s easier because you can tie the sleeves together;
  • if you wear a long sleeve overall it‘s probably cold out and it´s going to be colder if
    you remain just in your bra and panties for 1 minute;
  • it takes a lifetime to take it off: you have to take off the upper part (if it isn‘t
    summer), the belt and god knows what else to get to do the deed:)) and then you need an extra 5 minutes to put every thing back;

2. The back : This is a very sensible issue because i saw a lot of overalls that looked insanely good in the front, but really bad around the ASS. Yes that is a major problem because you don´t want to have a saggy ass look , especially if you posess a really nice one.

3. It gets addictive (i have at least 5).


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




The accessories are my permanent  Angela Ciobanu pinky ring,  my Kaffeehaus am ring ring (always puts me in a good mood) and my zara purse, wraped around my waist:)


Have a lovely Spring 🙂






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