Once upon a time..



Waiting for Spring , I want to present you my Love Story with a pair of leather shorts. It´s not a very long one, so it goes very well until now. If I am in a hurry and and I don´t know what to wear I pick them and I know it´s going to be from ok to gorgeous. Why just ok? Because I can go really crazy with the rest, even when I am out of time. So the shorts kind of balance everything. I like about them that they are a little wide on the legs, so I do not look like a sausage. How you can see, I don´t have the model body, so I need something that suits my small waist, wide hips , big upper legs combo and this is why you will see me wearing high waist pants, skirts and every thing that exist with a high waist (also it makes me feel feminine even if i have an oversize t-shirt over it). The pants are kind of neutral , but with a charm of their own so i can make a lot of combinations that in the end never look dull. As you will see I have 2 outfits, one is fresh casual chic and the second one  is more sporty chic.

Outfit nr 1: Late september, sun , a little windy because we were on the coast of Portugal




I like the shirt because it´s made out of a natural fabric (linen) and of course i like how it´s a little wide on the shoulders, so one pops out naturally and kind of sexy. I always find that the white & black composition needs a little bit of sparkle so u have my usual Flowers Bomb. This obsession with the flowers started with Sex and The City and I feel like me every time i do it. The bigger the flowers, the happier I am. I also have the little to much factor and in this case is the belt, my 25 years old amazing belt (also a usual in my outfits). The boots are really cool as well because (except that they look fabulous :)) ) they are made out light suede  leather,  so I can wear them in spring, autumn and in winter (extra pair of socks needed). Color also makes them versatile.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Outfit nr 2: Spring, sun but windy, in my lovely MQ Vienna



The only thing to say about this one (to not state the obvious) is the T-shirt that I ADORE. Actually i own 5 t-shirts , one hoodie and some wall prints from this guys called OMEGA-CBU  .Why I love them so much ? I find them art and I think one of the best ways to enjoy  art is wearing it. All the time:)) I also find them versatile and I like to combine them from simple casual to glamorous. I find them expressive, chic and comfortable.The fabrics are also natural so my skin is very happy every time I wear them. You can see me wearing the same t-shirt in another combination here and with another t-shirt  here .

Around 20 years old, i discovered my attraction towards brooches, around 25 started to wear them and now I find them as a piece of my personality. Here I wear one from this talented girl Izabella , which belongs to my boyfriend.

All this being said the pants are Mango (in case you wanted to know and btw. the best 35 euro spend(they were on sale ) + don´t wear them when it´s really hot outside because they will stick on your ass :)) )  and I hope i wasn´t like those girls who state the obvious like : today I am wearing black shorts and a white blouse with red and grey flowers. The flowers are on the chest and this text is USELESS :)))  if you give photos (THA) .

Thank You and have a great Weekend.



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