Saturdays are for fun

        Carrie in Sex and The City said that some clothes wait for a lifetime to be worn and in my case is this beautiful and crazy shirt. It took me some time to not care about what others think about me or about the way I dress. I think it has to do with the fact that I moved to a bigger city like Vienna, or the fact that i got wiser approaching 30 ( but that is another post) , or both :)) Since 10 years ago, when i got it as a gift from my great and talented aunt, I wear it for the first time in a casual and light outfit. The material is natural and the shirt it’s done so it fits well, so I like to wear it (like always ) with a high waist skirt and the white, simple t-shirt to have this casual twist. 

      Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget you are what you want to be.


P.S. The skirt is eco leather from mango, the shirt it’s vintage, t-shirt mango and my pearl necklace form my awesome aunt 🙂 the rings ( like always) angela ciobanu and swatch watch and zara purse that I wear in summer in the waist


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