The black dress, part 1


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One of the most fabulous, simple dresses that I have. I got it as a present for my birthday and I love it. I wanted it since i saw it online a few months ago, but I couldn´t try it on in the shop and I wasn’t sure if i could make it wearable all the time. The thing is that if you think about it it´s a perfect office dress but the (absolutely gorgeous)  open back makes the dress pretty impractical for the following reasons:

1_ you cannot wear it to the office with the naked back, or at least I wouldn´t.

2_it´s kind of a cold weather material so if you wear it without anything else you will either be really cold or really hot.

So I got the ideea to wear it with a t-shirt under it , but to give it a personal twist , I wore one of my favourite tshirts , with the front in the back. Ha!

The first time I saw this dress (in my mind )i pictured it with white converse sneakers and big colored flowers on my chest, but because it´s an office outfit and i need to be able to easely turn my head, the flowers will be in part 2. I just have to make time to go to an event. This being said the dress is heaven, it makes you feel fabulous, the fabric feels really good and it´s a little heavy, so it has a good structure. And yes , I wore it 2 days in a row and I would wear it all the time :))))

The dress is actually a copy of Celine´s design (you can see it here or here ), but  a plus is that you don´t have the knot it the middle of the back and i would say they (Zara) did a good job. I don´t know if they handled the rights of the design , but i find it good to be able to wear a good design at affordable prices (cause i fell in love with the Celine dress since i first saw it). Also, here you have another take of this dress and the blog is great one:)

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Some details:

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omega-cbu Tshirt, zara dress, mango purse, vintage jacket

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Like always the purse is a normal one, that I wrap around my waist. And although it was hot outside (27 degrees) I had to have a jacket ’cause our office is like working during the Ice Age .

Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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