Kimono in style

My affair with kimonos started a few years ago and  when i saw this beauty at h&m ( on a normal let’s see what’s new monday:)) )  it was a instant love and purchase. Ok, i also bought some silky, marsala, wide legs pants ( and some other stuff) but that’s another blog post.  Or two:)) Both of the items are from the  Conscious Collection so the quality is pretty good and the thing is this kimono is really versatile. Yesterday i wore it with jeans and white converse at a Instagrames in Vienna meeting , other time as a jacket over a exquisit glamouros black dress and today just it.

In rest the shoes are fabulous and in fact bride shoes, but i don’t care:)) The head pice is from zara, but  the original idea ,that I absolutely adore , is from Katerinimou  (Romania), the broche is Raluca Buzura and until now everybody knows my all time fav.  Angela Ciobanu rings . And i almost forgot, the purse is made by me 🙂

Enjoy and have a lovely week:)

P.S. My amazing brother found this amazing video and I think we should all have a little more courage to be ourselves and don´t let the big crowd silence our inner voices


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