Kimono in style

My affair with kimonos started a few years ago and  when i saw this beauty at h&m ( on a normal let’s see what’s new monday:)) )  it was a instant love and purchase. Ok, i also bought some silky, marsala, wide legs pants ( and some other stuff) but that’s another blog post.  Or two:)) Both of the items are from the  Conscious Collection … Continue reading Kimono in style

Work it out

      I love High Heels and i love Converse. But the last part , everybody knows, it´s already and obbsession. I think you can wear them with a dress, a suit , a casual outfit or one with glittery one, so basically anything, anytime. You can even take them at your own weeding (seen it and loved it). They are light, comfortable, you … Continue reading Work it out